They are not alone. . .

The girls of the Villa 31 soccer team aren't alone in their fight to play a sport they love. Last Thursday we had the opportunity to interview some of the girls on Coach Monica's other team. These girls have been playing even longer with Monica, are older (late teens early 20s) but also live in a poor neighborhood and face a lot of prejudices. One girl, who is 25, is excited about her progress as a player, but doesn't share the fact that she might travel to Brazil to play in the Homeless World Cup with her family--they just don't care.  Another would love to play more, but often has to miss practice because she has to clean the entire house--her brothers don't help. But the last interview was the biggest surprise of them all. When we asked "Kangaroo" what she does when she doesn't play soccer, she replied that she doesn't work or study--she write poetry! While the details change, it is amazing how much we here the same stories repeated over and over again--and also learn that in Argentina, female soccer players are a varied bunch!
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  • By Gamma Blue on December 14, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Inspiring film!

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