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Girls Use the Video Camera for the First time

On Saturday we had another great workshop for the protagonists of Goals for Girls. There were fewer girls than normal because 3 of them are in Rio, Brazil participating in the Homeless World Cup, but the girls who were there were enthusiastic and eager to learn.

First, over a delicious and nutritious snack, we talked about […]

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Video Workshop starts with “Discrimination” as the theme

On Saturday, September 11th, we had our first class for the video workshop for the protagonists of the documentary “Goals for Girls: The Movie”.  We started talking to them about the themes they wanted to explore. The first thing that jumped out at the girls is the discrimination they receive for being slum dwellers, now […]

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Video Workshop Underway: Girls go to Cinema for the first time!

For many girls on the Villa 31 soccer team, “Las Aliadas” (the allies), last Saturday night was the first time they saw a movie in a movie theater. It was a great experience: they loved the movie, the romantic comedy “Igualita a mi”, and even got their photo taken with Argentine television star Soledad Silvera.

Taking […]

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Revolutionary Television Station Owner from Villa 31 is Killed

Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina–

Adams Ismael Ledezma, 41, owner of the cable TV channel of Villa 31, was found dead Saturday morning due to blows to the head and multiple stabbings. In his last weeks, Ledezma had been working hard to get the judicial authorization for the television channel Canal 31 Mundo Villa TV. With […]

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