Revolutionary Television Station Owner from Villa 31 is Killed

Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina-- Adams Ismael Ledezma, 41, owner of the cable TV channel of Villa 31, was found dead Saturday morning due to blows to the head and multiple stabbings. In his last weeks, Ledezma had been working hard to get the judicial authorization for the television channel Canal 31 Mundo Villa TV. With the channel, his goal had been to make journalistic investigations of the rich and famous who enter the Villa in their 4x4's and BMW's to buy drugs. Ledezma is a prime example of a person who fought to change the mentality of the Villa. Just like our girls, he sought to make a difference. Right now we are starting a video workshop with the girls to teach them video skills so they can participate in the documentary "Goals for Girls: The Movie" and learn a skill. But the death of Ledezma shows that just a few blocks from the richest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, nothing is that simple, even shooting video can be deadly. For more information:
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