Video Workshop starts with “Discrimination” as the theme

The girls pose in front of movie posters (for la 21 Barracas, a soccer film and "Estrellas" about actors from a slum who create a productoin company) at Arte Cinema.

On Saturday, September 11th, we had our first class for the video workshop for the protagonists of the documentary "Goals for Girls: The Movie".  We started talking to them about the themes they wanted to explore. The first thing that jumped out at the girls is the discrimination they receive for being slum dwellers, now that they are teenagers and leaving the Villa to study and for fun. They talked about how they often get dirty looks from the police and asked to leave when they enter certain businesses, and also how people think they are thieves. We filmed the conversation for our documentary--a great example of how today's youth are politically conscience and opinionated--they just aren't on facebook all day long! They came up with the great idea crossing the railroad tracks and inter

The girls pose with filmmakers Gabriel Balanovsky and Ginger Gentile.

viewing their "neighbors" in the richest barrio in Buenos Aires, la Recoleta, about their stereotypes about slum dwellers. They will then use this material to create a fiction short film. After the workshop (and a yummy snack) we took the girls to the movies to watch "La 21: Barracas" a movie filmed in another slum completely by residents (as actors and technicians). The movie also started first as a video workshop. (Special thanks to the folks at Arte Cinema for giving us discounted tickets and treating us great). The girls loved the film and want to see more movies. We also are arranging visits to television stations and with other filmmakers from different shantytowns to talk to the girls. Your donation is vital for making sure we can give the girls the best workshop possible, and of course, of no cost to them.
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  1. Posted September 13, 2010 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Well done!

    I’ve made many explorational trips into la villa. This theme touches my heart.

    This is such a fantastic project. I wish I could do something to be a part of it, but I’m in Sydney Australia. I hope I can help when I return to Argentina in November.

    I really can’t wait to see the film when it’s finished and trust that it will be a jewel.

  2. GingerGentile
    Posted September 29, 2010 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    Thanks so much for your comment, Carlos! It means so much to us and the girls that people all over the world are supporting us!

  3. Posted February 17, 2013 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    DT: Hermano grew out of a video workshop project you were conducting in the Venezuelan slums. Tell me about the workshop, and how that grew into the film.

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