Girls Film their First Scene

This Saturday we continued our workshop. This time the girls got the opportunity to shoot their first scene. The workshop started on a good note with the girls eating delicious cookie treats given to us by Sugar & Spice. All the girls were very interested in every aspect of directing and use of the camera. They asked a lot of questions because not only did they want to learn as much as possible, they also wanted to have a wonderful finished product. Every girl had a lot of ideas that they wished to contribute. Like good directors, they chose Ginger as the protagonist of the scene. The scene dealt with a girl who wanted to commit suicide by jumping out the window. However, thanks to the help of her friends, she was able to realize how valuable her life is and decided not to jump. As they shot the scene, the girls were able to experiment filming the same action from different angles. They also explored the concept of continuity in film. The girls enjoyed the workshop so much that, next weekend, they want to continue using the camera and filming instead of going to the movies.
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