Workshop Continues with Makeup Class

This Saturday's workshop started with a snack of cookies provided by Sugar & Spice and then proceeded to a practical makeup class given by professional makeup artist, Mariana. She was not teaching normal makeup strategies, instead it was makeup for the big screen, teaching techniques which are used for film and TV. The class was very fun, because 15 year old girls obviously enjoy their makeup. However 2 of them preferred to film and use the camera, and they got to record the class and learn what a "screen test" is--each girl was recorded before and after she was made up. Mariana loved laughing with the girls and gave some great cost-saving tips on how to clean make up brushes (laundry soap--who knew!) and how to cover up imperfections with green and purple make-up. Her only complaint is that the girls have such great skin (it must be the sports!) that they have very few imperfections to practice on. She also gossiped about some of the stars she has made up and told the girls about how she studied to become an art designer.  One important part of the workshop is to introduce the girls to different professionals in the film industry so they can begin to see how each one studied and began to work. After a few pointers, Mariana broke the group into two groups, one group of "actresses" and the other of make-up artists. The girls learned how to use different colors for different skin tones and effects.

Mariana teaches the girls while Lucila films the class with the help of filmmaker Gabriel.

The class provided the girls with a very important lesson. They learned that all the actors and actresses that they see on TV are not as gorgeous as they seem. They are made to look beautiful by all the makeup techniques that the artists have. All in all, it was a very successful workshop. In the future we will also show the girls basic special effects make-up (blood, scars, etc).

Girls eat a delicious snack, with yummy chocolate chip cookies from Suger & Spice.

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    This was my class of Get Ready Girls. We had a GREAT day. Conducting a workshop via translator was easy. The girls had a blast and pleaded with me to come back – I was never going in with the thoughts that this was a one time feel good project – I willl be back.

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