Feature Film “Goals for Girls” takes shape

Originally a documentary about a group of girls in Villa 31 shantytown, Goals for Girls has evolved to incorporate the point of view of women from all walks of life that play soccer either for fun or professionally. Interviews with journalists, scientists, and people in the world of women’s soccer have led to a fuller understanding on the limitations, restrictions, and cultural norms surrounding women playing soccer in Argentina. One of the interesting things we learned is that since the beginning of our making the documentary in 2008, there has been an increase of women playing soccer for fun. Unfortunately since then, more and more funding has been taken away from professional women teams. No women soccer team has played in the Boca stadium in over 10 years! Interviews include: the national Boca Juniors women’s team, the indoor soccer team “Ondas del Amor,” the women’s team “Fuerte Apache” (located in town Carlos Tevez’s hometown), and the “Futbol a lo Feminino” team who insist on staying pretty in pink shirts while playing. Also interviews with: Notable journalist Victor Hugo, sport’s journalist Gaston Recondo, and Canal 13’s Guillermo Bocci. One of the things we make sure to ask people during the course of the interview is why they think women are prevented from playing soccer, and the first to be blamed is “machismo” and men. But when we ask who exactly prevents them from playing, the girls tend to say that their mothers, aunts, sisters either prohibit them from playing or make comments. Many women prefer to see their daughters, nieces, and sisters working on house chores and taking care of their younger siblings than wasting their time running around like a boy and getting hurt in the process. Victor Hugo confirmed this tendency summing it all up: “women are the true enforcers of machismo.” This is not to say that all girls say their fathers were supportive: some were (especially fathers who lacked sons) and others saw it as “cute” or “funny” that they played soccer, but also a lot of girls reported that no one in their family would watch them play.   (first published in "Filming In Argentina" by Amy Ramirez, contributing blogger)
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