Video Workshop with the girls of the Villa 31

The girls of the Villa 31 soccer team have responded very differently to our project. Unlike other publicity they have received, our goal is to paint this team in a positive light. For this reason, in 2010 we gave a series of video workshops so the girls can learn how to tell stories with video. Check out the quick video below that shows highlights.

Putting their New Skills to Practice!

The workshop will teach the girls basic camera and sound recording skills, and how to tell a story in images. They will learn from viewing important works in film history, to hands on education with the equipment.

Being Filmmakers

The goal is for them is too become “experts”, giving them the opportunity to interview not only their peers but also the people who place obstacles in their path. They will be able to contribute directly in the documentary, while fighting the negative stereotypes that society has placed upon them.

Maneuvering the camera

So far, the workshop has exposed them to new activities. We have taken them to the movies, which many of the girls had never before been able to do. We saw the screening of a film produced in another one of the “villas” (slums) of Buenos Aires. We have also had a camera skill workshop and a Film/TV hands-on makeup class.

Being exposed to more and more film!

These workshops give them skills that will help them build a more successful future. To read more about what we do during the workshops read our blog:

- Girls Go to Cinema for First Time!

- Discrimination as the Theme

- Girls Use Video Camera for the First Time

- Workshop Continues with Makeup Class

- Round Two at the Movie Theater

Help continue keeping our workshop successful. Please click on Donate to become a sponsor or for more information.

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