“Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls” investigates the ignored world of women´s football in Argentina.  The womeP1150215n of the Villa 31 and players from different backgrounds reveal that family prejudices combined with complete abandonment by local authorities conspire against the development of a sport that has grown worldwide. These players have to fight on and off the field to ensure that the words of the president of FIFA come true: “the future of football belongs to women”. The 75 minute film delves into these themes using first hand testimony supported by experts, interspersed with sequences following characters as they train in and outside of the shantytown. Focusing on family prejudice, the representation of women in the media, life in shanty towns and the importance of sport as a human right, follow the remarkable journey of these girls and their coach Monica Santino to reach the Homeless World Cup in Brazil. Directors Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky interview sports journalists, mothers, male fans, female players from all backgrounds and the Argentine Football Association to shed light on the prejudice that many women face when they try to play a male dominated sport. en brasil 2 Officially declared a documentary of interest by the Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Office and selected by Amnesty International for their film Festival on football and Human Rights, the film gives viewers access to one of the biggest slums of Buenos Aires. The protagonists are passionate about football who were tired of repeatedly being portrayed as “ghetto rats” or sympathy cases in the local media and use the documentary to tell their own stories, in their own words. Already, Goals for Girls has changed the lives of its protagonists by validating their dreams to their family and community, and  it can help change the lives of girls around the world. There are almost no documentaries about female soccer, and few documentaries are aimed at motivating young people to affect positIMG_8783ive change. Goals for Girls is the Hoop Dreams of female soccer, but instead of focusing on financial dreams it will show how sport can help girls overcome incredible odds, teaching the value of responsibility and teamwork.     afiche_EN Original Title: “Mujeres con Pelotas” Exhibition Title (english): “Goals for Girls: a story of women with balls” Directed by: Ginger Gentile & Gabriel Balanovsky Production country: Argentina Year of Production: 2013 (Release year 2014) Format and length: HD Color / 65 min / 16:9 Subtitles: English DoP and Camera: Ginger Gentile & Virginia Rojas. Production Managers: Aníbal "Corcho" Garisto. Débora Landi Giammarini. Editor: Ginger Gentile Sound Mix: Ñandú Sonido Original Soundtrack: Ramiro Gutiérrez Song "Resplendor": Kumbia Queers Producer: Gabriel Balanovsky Production Company: San Telmo Producciones Supported by: INCAA (Argentinian Film Institute) Additional support: Good Pitch Buenos Aires 2013 Features English subtitles and Closed Captions in neutral Spanish.