Co-director Ginger Gentile filming "Goals for Girls"

Co-director Ginger Gentile filming "Goals for Girls"Documentary

Directors/Producers Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky’ first feature length documentary film 'Goals for Girls' keeps making waves on an international scale. Since the commercial premier in Buenos Aires in May 2014, it has been featured in numerous film festivals across the globe such as BAFICI, Havana Film Festival and has been declared a Documentary of Interest by the Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Office. Ginger and Gabriel are unlikely candidates from filming a documentary about soccer. Ginger was a big nerd in school in her hometown on Long Island, nearly failing gym class numerous times and Gabriel is the rare Argentine who doesn’t care much for the national passion that is “futbol”. But both are passionate about challenging gender stereotypes, and found in the story of the girls of Villa 31 the perfect example of women trying to play a sport that is only closed to them because of cultural stereotypes. Since 2007, the creative duo have worked together on various projects with big names such as the BBC, National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Nike, LG Electronics, Moet to name a few (and are also married to one another, which makes for an intense working experience), and in 2008 formed San Telmo Productions , one of Buenos Aires fastest growing boutique audiovisual production companies.

Co-director Gabriel Balanovsky

Their other work together includes the short film which together they wrote and directed “La Puta y La Travesti” (The Hooker & the Transvestite-Don't worry it is PG rated!) which won the audience vote in the Hard Times contest, after which they made a follow up short which was judged by a jury of 12 A-list Hollywood filmmakers, including Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders, to be the first place short film in the Hard Times Contest. Their other work includes the short film  documentary “Man Vs. Meteorite” (directed by Gabriel Balanovsky, edited by Ginger Gentile) about a gaucho knife maker crafting a knife out of meteorite metal, “Stenciling Buenos Aires” for Independent Film Channel and “Yerba Mate” for Current TV (both directed by Ginger Gentile and Produced by Gabriel Balanovsky). They have recently released Erasing Dad in October 2014, Directed by Gentile and Produced by Balanovsky,  a documentary which follows six fathers who are fighting to raise their children after a conflictive divorce and fighting against the Argentina Judicial system. This has been one of the most talked about documentaries of the year and has received lots of press. Personal Biographies Ginger Gentile was raised on the eastern end of Long Island, New York and graduated from Columbia University in 2002. Soon after graduating she left to travel in Latin America to learn Spanish, but ended up staying in Buenos Aires. Since then she has worked in a variety of films, most notably editing the trailer and doing camerawork for “UPA: Una Pelicula Argentina” which won the 2007 BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival) and editing “Las Hermanas L.” which premiered at the Mar del Plata Film Festival 2009. One of the few foreigners who has worked her way up in the Argentine film industry, she also works as assistant director and has made over 70 shorts for Ginger Gentile, Gabriel Balanovskycompanies as diverse as Pottery Barn, Navarro Correas, Geobeats, Trip Films and Ultimate TV and worked as a script writer for Travel Channel. When she isn’t filming or editing, she blogs at the most widely read English-language site about Argentine Cinema.   Gabriel Balanovsky spent his childhood in Avellaneda, a short distance from Buenos Aires city and studied journalism in the University of Buenos Aires right after democracy was restored in Argentina. After his studies he worked for some of the most prestigious media outlets before deciding to take a three year trip around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, where he learned to speak English. Upon returning he decided to devote himself to his true love: film. Gabriel has filmed award winning short films such as “Enjaulado” in 35mm and produced commercials for various companies, including Delaostia. He is the rare person who loves to wake up at 4am for a film shoot!  

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