List of Supporters

Contributers for our 2013 IDEAME campaign: take the girl footballers and their families to the movies!

Adriana Claro

Ana Quaglino

Jon Wheeler

Bennett Baumer

Sharon Gentile

Stephanie Carl Deppe Udell

"Aussie Bill"

Sarah Richardson

"BA Tangerine"

Daniela Buiera

Molly Kovel


Jonathan Harris

Joyce Gentile

Sarah Manley Morales

Pamala Yates

Patrick Powers

Gary Paker

Michelle Dollinger

Paula Vaccaro

Dona Reese Gentile

Thanks for all the institions and folks who have given their support to our film and video workshop for the girls.

Institutional Partners

INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) Argentine Film Board

Good Pitch Buenos Aires 2013


( $1,000 – $4,999 USD )

Alec Turnbull

Ian Bone

Tracey Chandler

The Parker-Gentile Family

Emily Robbins

Eliseo Subiela Film School


( $500 – $999 USD )

Cineposible Festival


( $100 – $499 USD)

Magda Hoekman

Antoinette Ford

Emily Seaman

Sugar & Spice

Inakane Networks


($1 – $99 USD )

Michelle Dollinger

Paul Weiss

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