"Offering a reminder of the global nature of gender inequalities in sports, this is recommended" 3 out of 4 stars

-K.Fennessey: Video Librarian: Vol 30. The Video Review Magazine for Libraries

Goals for Girls review

"Goals for Girls is a skillfully shot documentary that scores big time when it comes to addressing a largely ignored theme that could use much more exposure."

- Pablo Suarez:


"This fast paced film offers more than just a football game for everyone."  7 out of 10.

-Kekena Corvolan:

"With humor and colorful imagery, this documentary explores what it takes for girls to score goals on the field and reach their life goals when their families and society sees them only as future maids, criminals or teenage mothers."  


victor hugo 3"Goals for Girls dives into an absorbing discussion about women’s football in Argentina."

-Marc Rogers:

"These girls have some serious stones to stand up to the football ideals that are so heavily entwined with Argentina’s histories and traditions."

-Noah Beaudette:


We were one of the 4 films selected of this initiative of the Sundance Institute and Britdoc that brings together docs with support from the private & public sector:

These girls and the movie that will tell their stories have been the subject of many articles, radio stories and TV stories. To the left is a list of more press in English (see Spanish page for Spanish press mentions).

Goals for girls includes English Subtitles and Closed Caption Neutral Spanish

Maciejns 502  

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