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Round Two at the Movie Theater

This past weekend we had the opportunity to take the protagonists of “Goals for Girls” to see another Argentine film, “El hombre de al lado” (The Man Next Door). The film dealt with the conflict of a man and his neighbor, who broke down one of the walls in his apartment in order to make […]

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Great Donation of Video Cameras for the Workshop

The Eliseo Subiela Film school in Buenos Aires donated two professional VHS cameras (the real deal, what news broadcasters used to use a few years ago) for the girls to use in the video workshop. They have promised to also provide additional sound equipment in the future as well! The girls are […]

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Girls Excited about Video Workshop

Yesterday’s film shoot for “Goals for Girls” turned out to be more exciting than expected. While the goal for the shoot was to just get footage of the girls playing at a tournament outside of the shantytown, one of the girls got injured during a game when a player from the challenging team kicked […]

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80 Norwegians Walk into a Shantytown. . .

No, it’s not the start of bad joke but what we filmed last Saturday in the Villa 31 Shantytown in Buenos Aires. Many people come to visit the girls and play soccer with them, which the girls themselves like. “We meet people we otherwise wouldn’t” and “we get to show them that we are good […]

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DocBsAs: Doc Buyers and Filmmakers Meet for 3 days of Dealmaking

Just got back from a jammed packed three days of meeting with decision makers (commissioning editors and acquisitions) to talk about our two documentary projects: Goals for Girls and Man vs. Meteorite. There were over 20 reps from TV channels and funding organizations from all over the world and about 100 local and international filmmakers […]

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Goals for Girls: INCAA Grant Won!

Goals for Girls (Goles y Metas) has just been declared “of interest” by the INCAA, the Argentine Film Board. This will enable myself and my co-director/producer Gabriel Balanovsky to keep filming. We now have more than half of the financing in place, thanks to the INCAA. Now with this official stamp of approval, we are […]

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