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Workshop Continues with Makeup Class

This Saturday’s workshop started with a snack of cookies provided by Sugar & Spice and then proceeded to a practical makeup class given by professional makeup artist, Mariana. She was not teaching normal makeup strategies, instead it was makeup for the big screen, teaching techniques which are used for film and TV. The class was […]

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Endorsments for “Goals for Girls”

Thanks to the work of Emily Robbins, who is our press contact in the US, we’ve gotten some great endorsements:
“Sports are one of the important ways in which a girl can find her
strength and place in the world. And how much more important is that
experience for girls whose beginnings are less privileged. Goals […]

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They are not alone. . .

The girls of the Villa 31 soccer team aren’t alone in their fight to play a sport they love. Last Thursday we had the opportunity to interview some of the girls on Coach Monica’s other team. These girls have been playing even longer with Monica, are older (late teens early 20s) but also live in […]

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Girls Excited about Video Workshop

Yesterday’s film shoot for “Goals for Girls” turned out to be more exciting than expected. While the goal for the shoot was to just get footage of the girls playing at a tournament outside of the shantytown, one of the girls got injured during a game when a player from the challenging team kicked her […]

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Last shoot for short film “Goals for Girls”

Girls in Villa 31 break during a game to pose for the camera.

OK, so you never know when it´s over when you´re shooting a documentary. Maybe we´ll go back to film some more, but for now, we got all the coverage we need for our documentary on a girl´s soccer team in Villa 31 de […]

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Video as Fundrasing Tool for NGO (Charities)

As charities and NGOS (non-governmental organizations, aka non-profits) have to kick up their fundraising efforts, many more or turning to video to create an emotional connection between potential donors and the people their donation will help. We have been filming “Goals for Girls” which follows the struggles of teenage girls to play a sport […]

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Photo Essay on Villa 31 Girls Soccer Team

I just got this great email from Emily, who took photos of the girls soccer team in Villa 31 that we are filming our documentary “Slum Girl Soccer” about.

Check it out! Great Photos! She really captures the passion of the girls


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Slum Girl Soccer just mentioned on Inspira Travel Blog

Our feature length documentary in the works, Slum Girl Soccer, was just mentioned on the Inspira Travel Blog after meeting with Maren and the wonderful folks and Inspira Travel, a boutique travel agency in Buenos Aires. I was really impressed that an upscale travel agency took so much interest in hearing about the stories […]

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