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Goals for Girls acclaimed by local & international press

By contributing blogger Benjamín Harguindey

San Telmo Productions’ feature length documentary Goals for Girls (Mujeres con pelotas, “Women with Balls” in Spanish) premiered May 8th after touring the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival the previous month, and has garnered some very positive reviews from the local and international press alike, including being covered by all […]

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Argentina premiere at BAFICI 2014

Some of stars from the team came to the screening and participatied in the Q&A. in BAFICI. In the audience were also coaches and players from all over Buenos Aires!

Friday 4th saw the Argentine premiere of San Telmo Productions’ documentary Goals for Girls, about women’s association football in Argentina, where it is continually ridiculed and discredited. […]

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Girls Work with Stop Motion!

On Saturday we had a very productive workshop. The girls got the opportunity to work with Synes Elischka, a film director from Austria who has previously worked with San Telmo Productions. Synes works with stop motion animation and goes around the world teaching workshops on the subject.

Stop motion is an animation technique that makes a […]

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Round Two at the Movie Theater

This past weekend we had the opportunity to take the protagonists of “Goals for Girls” to see another Argentine film, “El hombre de al lado” (The Man Next Door). The film dealt with the conflict of a man and his neighbor, who broke down one of the walls in his apartment in order to make […]

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Girls can’t play soccer because of their Moms, not Dads!

Saturday we filmed interviews during a tournament before we all went to the video workshop, where we had a practical class on make up for TV and film. During the first part of the workshop we went to a championship that the girls were participating in. While they played, we had the opportunity to interview […]

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Workshop Continues with Makeup Class

This Saturday’s workshop started with a snack of cookies provided by Sugar & Spice and then proceeded to a practical makeup class given by professional makeup artist, Mariana. She was not teaching normal makeup strategies, instead it was makeup for the big screen, teaching techniques which are used for film and TV. The class was […]

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Girls Film their First Scene

This Saturday we continued our workshop. This time the girls got the opportunity to shoot their first scene. The workshop started on a good note with the girls eating delicious cookie treats given to us by Sugar & Spice.

All the girls were very interested in every aspect of directing and use of the camera. They […]

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Teenagers in UK relate to Goals for Girls
Stella Sampson, a British student who is about to start University, has mentioned us on her blog, and she can relate to discrimination she feels as a young girl.

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Is this the only Female Soccer on TV in Argentina?

Finally, a woman playing soccer on TV! And she´s good. Unfortunately, she is wearing a thong.

This is the type of prejudice that the girls of the Villa 31 Shantytown face everyday, that their worth isn´t based in what they do, but what they look like. Part of our plan for the video workshop is to […]

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Goals for Girls Travels the World via Festivals!

Gabriel Balanovsky, co-director of Goals for Girls just got back from participating in the Cineposible festival in Spain where the short film was well-received and received a cash prize! At the same time, in the same country, the short film also participated in MECAL short film festival in Barcelona.

The girls are so excited to know […]

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